Where did Scotchgard go? What furniture protection options are there?

What, no option for Scotchgard?

It used to be standard practice that whenever you bought an upholstered sofa or upholstered dining chairs, there would always be an option to have your items sprayed with “Scotchgard”.

As I am sure you have noticed, that is not something that is offered any longer. Why you ask?

There are a couple of reasons.

#1 – The chemical was found to be unsafe. Studies were done and after the results were returned, it quickly became obvious that there were issues with the chemicals in the Scotchgard. The main producer of the chemical quietly phased out the product and that was the end of offering Scotchgard protection. (You can learn more here: http://www.chemicalindustryarchives.org/dirtysecrets/scotchgard/1.asp)

#2 – Fabrics are much better now. With today’s ingenuity and quality of high-grade fabrics, microfibers and polyesters, Scotchgard isn’t really needed. Scotchgard was mainly purchased to protect against stain protection and to keep liquids from seeping into your fabric. With the tight weaves of today’s fabrics, most of them can easily be wiped away mild soap and water. In most cases, the liquid or stain will just bead at the top of the fabric and can be wiped clean with a simple wet rag.

So, what are my options?

So, what if you still have pets, kids or just a dirty spouse? No worries. There are still options. Purchase a furniture protection plan.

There are two options that can ease all of your fears:

1 Year Stain Protection Plan ($100)




5 Year Furniture Protection Plan ($149 or $129 if purchased at the time of a furniture purchase)



These are like insurance plans for your furniture. With the 1 year plan, if you spill, stain or have an issue in the first year, we’ll get it cleaned or replace your furniture at no cost to you.

For the ultimate in protection, we have the 5 year furniture protection plan. This will give you peace of mind of 5 years. Rips, stains, tears, breakage…all covered. If you accidentally spill on that furniture (kids sippy spills, wine spills, soda spills, etc.) you are covered. If we can’t fix it, remove it with chemicals, then it will be replaced (including the cost of shipping).

So, while Scotchgard is really a thing of the past, don’t worry. Enhanced fabrics with much better durability, wearability, and stain resistance in conjunction with the furniture protection plans have you covered.

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