How To Protect Your Bed From Bed Bugs

Close up of bed bug on mattress
Bed Bug

So you have a brand new, luxurious Serta mattress and have been getting the best sleep of your life. The mattress is pristine and new and so comfortable. You are at peace and happy when you are relaxing on your mattress. There is one problem. Mattresses can possess a hidden danger: bed bugs! Let’s talk about how to protect your bed from bed bugs.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Of course a brand new mattress right out of the bag has almost no possibility of a bed bug infestation. Though this is true, over time your mattress can not only be susceptible to bed bugs, but also bacteria, dust mites and other gunk that gathers within your mattress. Recently, a resurgence of bed bugs throughout the U.S. has brought to light that bed bugs are proving to be dangerous. Over the past year, studies have shown that bed bugs can carry infectious bacteria, including a form of staph infection called MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus). MRSA is highly resistant to antibiotics and highly contagious.

How Do I Protect My Bed From Bed Bugs?

Not to worry, the best way to protect your bed from bed bugs is to make sure they cannot bury themselves into your mattress to begin with. By purchasing a

Malouf Mattress Encasement
Malouf Mattress Encasement

mattress protection encasement, or bed guard, your mattress will be protected from bed bugs and all other crud that your mattress would otherwise collect. You might ask how this is different from a mattress pad. Unlike a mattress pad, a bed guard fully encompasses the mattress, not just the top and sides. Bed guards are made of a lab tested material that is water resistant to spills as well as bed bug and allergen proof! This will save a lot of headache, time and money that you would spend dealing with a bed bug infestation.

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