What is Leather Match Furniture?

In a past post, we talked about the differences between leather and microfiber furniture. We learned that microfiber was a least expensive choice since it’s not “real leather.” However, today we are turning our focus to leather match furniture! From this post, you will learn that you can still buy real leather without spending all of your hard earned money.

Defining Leather Match Furniture

Back to the initial question: what is leather match furniture? When you hear “leather match furniture,” think “half real leather and half bonded leather.” For example, leather match sofas only have real leather in the areas where people actually sit and also on the arm rests. Bonded leather or other type of faux leather is applied to the rest of the couch to save you big on your furniture bill. Applying real leather only on the areas of the couch that need it most will give your family and guests the comfort of real leather without the additional costs. Time to start buying leather match furniture!


Bonded Leather in Leather Match Furniture

Moving on to bonded leather! The term “bonded” simply means glued together. Bonded leather is made from left over scraps of lea

VIG Furniture – T35

ther that would normally be thrown away as well as other fibers. The scraps are glued together and then sealed with a plastic type finish. The finish adds more durability to bonded leather furniture, giving you a long term option similar to top grain leather furniture. Bonded leather is a great way to make the most of our natural resources.

Our Customers Love Leather Match Furniture

Did you know that 95% of our customers buy leather match furniture? For them, the quality of leather match is fine and they really don’t need a top grain leather on places they don’t sit or even look at if it is placed against a wall. GreatFurnitureDeal.com customers understand the benefits of leather match furniture as it not only gives them quality, but it saves them money. There really is no need for concern when buying leather match furniture. You may think “A full leather couch is more worth my money long ter

Southern Motion Siri Sofa
Southern Motion Siri Sofa

m” or “My guests will be able to tell that my furniture is not top grain leather everywhere.” So not true! People won’t know the difference between a leather match sofa and a full leather sofa. Leather match furniture will also give you similar long-term durability as the most used areas of these items are covered in top grain leather. We do not discourage you from buying full on leather furniture; however, being a discount retailer, we always want you to know where you can save.

For More Info on Leather Match Furniture

There are very good reasons to subscribe to our blog; we will educate you in the areas of furniture, so that you can save cash in the long run!  For more information about our leather match furniture selections, go to GreatFurntitureDeal.com. We always have Facebook deals, site promotions, and important information about our furniture right here. You can also contact us via live chat, email, or call us directly. We are excited to help you with your next purchase!

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